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Welcome to Deweyville

* We are looking for a new Town Council member! Anyone interested in the position can inquire with Nancy Page at the Town Hall, 435-239-7312 or email the town at You can also contact the mayor, Lesley Kendrick, with inquires. Jacob Rees is moving at the end of June and we would like to thank him for all his time and help on the town council. We would like to wish him and his wife, Ellise, the best in their new adventures.

* There will be no town activities on July 4th due to COVID 19.

Deweyville is a small rural town nestled along the foothills of the
western slopes of the Wasatch Mountains. Originally known as Empey Springs, it was founded by John C Dewey in 1864, making it one of the earliest settlements in Box Elder County.  Descendants of John C Dewey still live in the community today.

The community is bordered on the north by Cedar Ridge Subdivision and on the south by Honeyville.  Highway 38, once one of the main routes connecting Tremonton to Brigham City and points south, runs through the middle of town and provides a scenic alternative to the heavily traveled interstate.  This farming community is home to approximately 500 people.  Access to the nearby Bear River and Crystal Hot Springs make it an enjoyable place to live.  At one time, there was a railway station and hotel. Today, some of the main industries include dairy farming, sheep ranching, and cabinet shops.  
Many people who work and shop in nearby Logan, Brigham City and Tremonton, enjoy living in this community that is known for its beautiful scenery, friendly people, and small town atmosphere.

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Deweyville is part of the “Reverse 911” Box Elder County disaster notification project. In the event of a disaster, you will be notified of where you can get help. Each resident can have up to 4 phone numbers for notification. Your phone numbers will be called until someone acknowledges receipt of the call. If you want your cell phone numbers on the notification list, especially if you are a “cell phone only” household, please visit Kathy at the town hall at 10870 N Hwy 38 during business hours of 10 to 4 on Tues and Thur, call (435-239-7312), or notify the town at