Attendance:    Mayor Robert Thayne             Eric Page, CM

                        Lynn Stewart, CM                  Tracie Williams, Town Clerk

                        Sherie Goring, CM                 


Absent:  Todd Bingham, CM


  1. Opening Ceremony:  Mayor Thayne brought meeting to order by giving the opening prayer and leading the Pledge of Allegiance.


  1. Approval of June Council Meeting Minutes:  The Town Council previously viewed a copy of the minutes before this meeting and had a copy in front of them.


MOTION:  Council member Goring made a motion to accept the Deweyville Town Council meeting minutes.  Council member Stewart seconded motion.  Motion passes unanimously. 

            Aye Votes:       Mayor Thayne                        Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring


                        NOTE:  Council member Page was not present during this vote.


  1. Approval of Monthly Bills:  The Council had a copy of a list of bills in front of them to view.  Council member Stewart explained the cost to replace the surge protector for the north water tank was because of a lightning strike. 


MOTION:  Council member Goring made a motion to pay bills for July 8.  Council member Stewart seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Page

                                    Council member Goring          Council member Stewart


  1. Planning and Zoning Review:  The mayor discussed the minutes from June 16, Planning Commission meeting.


      New Business:


  1. PROPOSED ADOPTION OF RESOLUTION #05-10-03 A RESOLUTION TO AMEND THE TOWN OF DEWEYVILLE FEES RESOLUTION 12-09-14 A RESOLUTION TO ESTABLISH BUSINESS LICENSE FEES IN THE TOWN OF DEWEYVILLE:  It was decided to add the cost of the Business Licenses to the Fees Resolution.  The cost for the business licenses is $25.00 and after August it would be half price for $12.50.  The Council agreed to the cost.


  1. Amendment of Town Fees Resolution Discussion:  The Council decided to look Fees Resolution #12-08-14 over and see what changes they would like to have done and pass a new resolution at next Town Council meeting on August 12.


·         Council member Stewart would like to change in the Water section # 11- Turn off and on water fee charges delinquent water bills need to be change to $20.00 turn on and $20.00 to turn off.  Leave the Ordinance #12, to turn off to turn on as stated in a Fees Resolution.  It was suggested to put something about water bills on the website and state that it is the law. 

·         The price of the Cemetery lots can be left the same since they are in line with other towns.

·         Mayor Thayne thought about raising impact fees that was set by the Capital Facilities Plan, and add the park to the Capital Facilities Plan.  The mayor will be doing some research for this. 

·         Drop Home Occupation on the fees resolution since there is a business license ordinance now and leave the Conditional Use Permit on the fees resolution. 

·         Fee introduced for historical records.  Change copies from .10 cents to .25 cents and have at least two weeks to be able to get the copies ready.  It was discussed to have a Historical Research and Records cost at $12.00 per hour plus copy charges. (Tracie will check into more information.)

·         Rent for Town Hall and Park to be $35.00 for everyone. 


 Next month amend this resolution. 


  1. Amendment of Water System Ordinance Discussion.  Section 19, Paragraph B.  To furnish water.  Put period after premises and be done.  Not belong to Quality of service Pipe, should go to section 15, under Unauthorized users.  Right after section 15 and make it one.  And get rid of B.


Section 19 – A last sentence; Change to Water Superintendent and leave out Town Recorder.  State – No connections shall be made without Water Superintendent’s approval. 


Section 29 – Use Water Superintendant and take out officer and Clerk. 


It was decided to request changes and put in red on the Water Ordinance so that the revisions can be discussed at next month’s Town Council meeting.


      Unfinished Business:


  1. Fire District And Water Project Update:  Mayor Thayne discussed this meeting that he had two weeks ago with the County.  Elwood is out of the Fire District now.  The County wants certain areas in and others out.  The County decided that they didn’t want Cedar Ridge, here in Deweyville, in the district so they will use the Tremonton Fire Dept.  Cedar Ridge will need to petition the County if they would like to be part of the District.  Proctor and Gamble are no longer in the district because they have their own fire brigade.


There was a fire here in Deweyville at (11140 N. Hwy 38.) The Tremonton Fire Dept. as well as the Honeyville Fire Dept. showed up to this fire.  Mayor Thayne was not sure with what Tremonton will do as of the billing. The lines are being drawn up for the boundaries and it will take six months to complete it.  A meeting will be on Monday at Bear River City. 


Water Project:  Yesterday Council member Stewart and the Mayor met with Russell Hadley from the Division of Water Resources and he said that the money was there and everything was good to continue with finishing up with the last minute projects for the water system.  Blair Frances – Regional representative from Water Resources says that the State will need the money and is taking what money is left; Amount $207,536.00 and not allow the Town to keep the money that was borrowed to finish the water project.  Garland and Honeyville will have to give their money back also.  Mayor asked Water Resources if the payments can be adjusted since the money has changed.  They will work on that.  Mayor will send a formal letter that states that we would like to have payments looked at.  Mayor would like to knock off the last four years of payments or lower the payments and extend the loan.  There will be no new pump house or pump or fence around the new water tank because of the money being taken back. Council member Stewart was going to get a bid for a new pump.  It was decided to wait a week or two to see what money is available.   Mayor will send a copy of the letter to the council before he sends it to the State.


Council member Stewart will meet with the Bear River water Conservatory on Wednesday.  The Town might be able to get some money from them because they would like to hook on to Deweyville’s 12 inch water line for water for Collinston and they would be putting in a pumping station.  The town has enough water to sell.  Council member Stewart will make sure that the town will not sign a long term contract and make sure that the Town will not be harmed by this arrangement. Their engineers will research the project and get numbers and have a meeting. 


  1. Emergency Management:  Steve Marble – Emergency Preparedness Manager had a propane tank and lost $200 worth propane and the valve.  The cost for this was from his own money.  Can the Town help pay to repair the tank and buy 100 more blankets for emergency preparedness?   Council member Page suggested giving him $1,000.00.  Mr. Marble will have to have a proposal. It was suggested to clean out the cook shack and put the Emergency Preparedness items in there. 


MOTION:  Council member Page made a motion to approve $1,000 budget transfer for the emergency management fund.  Council member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  Mr. Marble will need to show invoices.

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Page

                                    Council member Goring          Council member Stewart


  1. Website Update:  This was not discussed.


11. Road to North Tanks and Wells:  Mayor talked to the Honeyville Mayor about their road similar to Deweyville’s, and all they did was get gravel and put a sign up which they made it themselves.  He said this is why towns have liability insurance and the League of City and Towns in case of an accident.  If the Town marks the road well it can be done.  It was suggested to make the road rough enough that no one will use it and make a sign.  UDOT won’t do anything as long as the town is not encroaching on the highway. The mayor will talk to the residents about.  It was decided to have the people that live there form a committee and have them give their ideas.  Gravel needs to be put there on the road where the fire department washed it away during the Arbon’s fire.  Council member Bingham can put gravel there.  It was suggested to have Jennifer Gardner or Mr. Berger head this committee.



       Public Comments:  This is an opportunity for the public to address the council.

       Please limit your comments to three minutes.  There were no public to comment.


      Council Member Reports:

  1. Water and Roads (Lynn Stewart):  Council member Stewart talked about the Tree signs and it was discussed where to put them; under the Neighborhood Watch sign and a post will need to be put in for the other sign.  He will get the signs up in the next week.  Maybe put a sign up by the sign at the cemetery.


  1. Documentation and Zoning (Sherie Goring):  Council member Goring has nothing to report at this time.


  1. Parks and Public Safety (Eric Page):  Council member Page has spent money for landscape block.  He needs to get the project Blue Staked so he can finish digging. He has conduit for the bowery and will finish the electrical work.  He discussed that he could use the poles from the horse shoe pit and move them out by the parking lot for more lighting.  The wiring would need to be done, but there would no cost for poles.  It was discussed to put in night lighting at bowery to come on and off in the dark.  It was discussed that Brad Stevenson from Rocky Mt. Power might be able to do it for service to help with the cost.


  1. Buildings and Cemetery Maintenance (Todd Bingham):  Council member Bingham was unable to attend but this was discussed.  The wind caught the kiosk at the cemetery and ripped the door off and it is un-reparable.  Council member Goring thinks that the locks should be replaced because they are hard to use.  Council member Page will talk to Council member Bingham about the weeds in the lawn at the cemetery.  


Adjourn:  MOTION:  Council member Stewart made a motion to adjourn Town Council meeting.  Council member Page seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Page

                                    Council member Goring          Council member Stewart




Approved: _____August 18, 2010______________



Town Clerk:  _______________________________