A Land Uses by Zone - (Table)
The Land Uses by Zone Table contained in this Appendix A is a more detailed and
comprehensive listing of the types of land uses allowed, conditional or not
allowed (see symbols key above each table) in each of the zone districts detailed
in chapter 7 of this code. Where a conflict may exist with the more general uses
as may be listed in chapter 7, and the uses listed in this table, this table will take
precedence, except for Home Based Business in Residential Zones. Home Based
Business in Residential Zones that meet the conditions of a Home Based
Business are permitted.
This Appendix and its uses may be modified or amended at any time that the Town
desires. The amendments and modifications must be performed however, as an
amendment to the Land Management and Development Code and must be in
compliance with the noticing and procedural regulations of chapter 1 of this
code. If the table is only modified as to organization or to simplify its readability
or understanding, (not modifying the uses) the table may be updated without
being considered an amendment to the Code.
The following codes or abbreviations are used in the Table:
a) SLU means Standard Land Use code and the corresponding codes
may appear elsewhere in the code.
b) RR-35 Residential single family, ½ acre zone
c) MU5 Rural Residential, single family, 5 acre zone
d) C-1 Commercial zone
e) A-40 Agricultural Zone
f) AG-40 Agricultural primarily grazing