Attendance:  Eric Page, Mayor Pro Temp                Lynn Stewart, TC

                        Todd Bingham, TC                             Tracie Williams, Town Clerk

                        Sherie Goring, TC


Absent: Mayor Robert Thayne


Visitors: Joe Kliger, Colby Shaw


1.      Opening Ceremony: Council Member Page, Mayor Pro Temp. brought meeting to order. Opening Prayer was given by Council Member Bingham and Colby Shaw led the Pledge of Allegiance.


2.      Approval of March Council Meeting Minutes: MOTION: Council member Bingham made a motion to approve March Council Meeting minutes. Council member Stewart seconded the motion. Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:     Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                        Council member Goring          Council member Bingham


3.      Approval of Monthly Bills And Current Budget Discussion: It was discussed that John Steele be reimbursed for paint that he had purchased for painting the fire hydrants even though the color of paint will have to be changed. Council member Page will talk to Mr. Steele about the fire hydrants and the color. Grover’s excavation bill was for fixing the shut off valve at Brent Craven’s meter at 10855 N. Hwy 38. 


MOTION: Council member Goring made motion to approve bills for March. Council member Bingham seconded the motion. Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:     Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                        Council member Goring          Council member Bingham


4.      2011 Budget Discussion: Before next council meeting the council needs to make a list of what they would like for the budget, for the next year, and get it to the mayor before the meeting in May. Council member Bingham asked how the Town gets their budget. It was discussed that the money comes from taxes received. The water budget comes from water bills. The cemetery needs to have something different so it was discussed to see about getting a cemetery district started. This can be address next month. Tracie Williams needs to find information about FICA and if the town has to match it.


5.      Planning and Zoning Review: There was a Planning Commission meeting on April 1, but Hertzler’s who wanted to run a yard care business from their home, did not show. The meeting was very short.


      New Business:


6.      RESOLUTION # 04-10-2 A RESOLUTION ADOPTING THE 2009 PRE-DISASTER MITIGATION PLAN; BEAR RIVER REGION, UTAH AS REQUIRED BY THE FEDERAL DISASTER MITIGATION AND COST REDUCTION ACT OF 2000: Council member Page read the resolution. This is something that needs to be passed so that the Town can receive aide due to a disaster. 


MOTION: Council member Bingham made a motion adopt Res 04-10-2; A Resolution Adopting the 2009 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan; Bear River Region, Utah as Required by the Federal Disaster Mitigation and Cost Reduction Act of 2000. Council member Goring seconded. Motion passes unanimously. Now the Town is a part of the Bear River Region plan.

Aye Votes:     Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                        Council member Goring          Council member Bingham


7.      Matt Regen Discussion of And Approval of Revised Audit: This was discussed. This was postponed until next meeting where more information can be presented.


8.      Ben and Bree Litchford Conditional Use Permit: This Conditional Use Permit has already been approved by the Planning Commission to put a Trailer behind Ruth Litchford’s home, located at 8870 N. Hwy 38, until they are ready to build a new home. It was their responsibility to have septic and water taken care of. They are trying to buy a piece of McMurdie’s property located at about 10533 N. Hwy 38. Nathan Spackman, Chair from the Planning Commission did a good job with the CUP. 


MOTIONCouncil member Bingham made a motion to approve Ben and Bree Litchford’s CUP. Council member Stewart seconded the motion. Motion passes unanimously. It now needs to be signed by Mayor Thayne and Ruth Litchford, property owner.

Aye Votes:     Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                        Council member Goring          Council member Bingham


9.       Joe Kliger Plat Map Approval: Mr. Kliger brought his Mylar plat map to sign. The Planning Commission has approved and signed the map. He explained that he bought land with an agricultural loan so he subdivided the house part from the rest of the property so he can get a regular loan. Nothing has changed. The driveway is the same, the right of way for power is the same and set backs are the same also. He used the simplest boundaries. Council member Page signed the Mylar and so did Tracie Williams, Town Clerk. Mr. Kliger will now take the map to the county to have it recorded. 


MOTION: Council member Stewart made a motion to approve the subdivision of Joe Kliger’s plat map. Council member Goring seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:     Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                        Council member Goring          Council member Bingham


10. Landscape Around Town Hall: Council member Page has it under control. He explained that he wants to complete the walking trail at front, along the west side. Grass will go on the north side and east side and flowers and shrubs will go on south side. Council member Bingham suggests that there be no grass by the propane tank and generator due to the sprinklers hitting it and possibly being dug up by the sprinkler lines. He would like to see gravel there.


11. Nets For The Soccer Goals: Council member Goring discussed that the walking trail fund will pay for the nets. There are goals that have been donated to the Town and they will go on the south field. 


12. New Cemetery Map and Cemetery Signs and Kiosk: Council member Goring has new maps of the cemetery to be put in the kiosk. Jeff Jensen brought them; he was doing a pilot project so there was no cost to the Town. Council members Bingham and Goring with Bill Kerivan will discuss where to move the kiosk to a better place so that the sprinklers don’t hit it. Council member Page suggests putting the kiosk on the north side of the center block building. Nathan Gardner is doing pictures of headstones so that they will be on the internet. 


Council member Goring brought information to be put on a sign for regulations of cemetery decoration. Council member Page suggests putting it on a metal sign and put it by the kiosk. Something needs to go at the front also. 


      Unfinished Business:


13. Fire District: The meeting went well and the opposing people had a change of heart and apologized. The Honeyville Fire Department did a good job of presenting information and bringing their fire equipment.


14. Water Project Update: Council member Stewart discussed that the south chlorinator is in. The water flow is slow so the chlorine will be high. The chlorinator gets turned off and on at certain times with the water flow and the chlorine level. Council member Stewart just got approval from the State to get a tablet chlorinator for the north spring. This will have to be done by a licensed engineer. The old pump will need to be pulled so it can get fixed as quickly as possible. It is not working well. He would like to get the old pump running since it costs less to run.


15. Website Discussion: Council member Goring has information about the Town website and will send it to the council. This will have meeting minutes, ordinances, and cemetery information. She hasn’t done anything to this yet. The Council can decide what they would like. Anything can be done to the website. The cost is about $40 a month. Council member Page suggests making it one page to make it simpler.


16. Memorial Day: Larry Frazier will be giving a speech. It is planned to have Eric Anderson play his bag pipes this year. The VWF will do the gun salute. The program will start at 8:00 a.m. and will be held at the Deweyville Cemetery.


17. QuickBooks – The print out that Lori Hurd (QuickBooks trainer) had made was still difficult to understand. This will need to be discussed with the Mayor and Town Council. It was discussed whether to use a program to help with the payroll for about $350 a year, depending on how many employees there are. This prints out W-2’s and other payroll reports. The Council suggested to continue to use Golden Spike Financial to help with the payroll for the W-2’s, etc. Tracie Williams needs to get information about FICA and if the town has to match it.        


Public Comments: This is an opportunity for the public to address the council.

      Please limit your comments to three minutes. No public comments at this time.


      Council Member Reports:


18. Water and Roads (Lynn Stewart): Council member Stewart has covered most everything already. He will talk to the mayor to see about having a water tour next month at about 6:00 p.m. before the Council Meeting, and suggests that the council meet each month to tour everyone’s assigned areas that they are over. For example the first month will be the water system, next would be cemetery and park and town hall, etc. The Council agreed that this would be a great idea so that they have somewhat of an idea what each council member does.


19. Documentation and Zoning (Sherie Goring): Council member Goring discussed that the Planning Commission had talked about changing the meeting times for the Planning Commission. It was decided to keep the same time schedule due to the fact that there is a resolution and it has been a published in the newspaper of the meeting times. Less Wheatley is a new member of the Planning commission. Joe Kliger would like to be on the Planning Commission as soon as there is another opening.


The electrical box in the utility room needs to have some work done for safety issues. This needs to be discussed and be on the next agenda for May’s Town Council meeting.


20.        Parks and Public Safety (Eric Page):  Tyson Knudsen would like to help with the watering of the park, for part time work, to help Colby Shaw who is in school during the day. One will do watering and the other does the lawn care. The council approves of this since the hourly cost would not be much different. 


Council member Page will finish wiring the outside restrooms and bowery, and start on landscaping. He has a concern with the walking trail that the shrubs and flowers were planted in crab grass and will be hard to take care of. Council member Goring says that it is supposed to look like a meadow. The sun dial (Eagle Scout project) is in between trees so it was suggested to see if the scout can move it.  


21.           Buildings and Cemetery Maintenance (Todd Bingham): The roof extension is finished in the back of the Town Hall. The generator is hooked up and works and is wired to come on automatically. He put locks on restroom doors. The Microwave oven will be in the office since the power goes out if the power is used with something else.


Council member Bingham will not be building swings because of liability. Council member Page says it will cost more to get the play ground ready than it will to buy swings. Council member Goring will look into getting the Town grants but she will need to have prices before she can apply for the grants.   


AdjournMOTIONCouncil member Stewart made a motion to adjourn Town Council meeting. Council member Bingham seconded the motion. Motion passes unanimously. Town Council meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.




Approved: ___MAY 13, 2010_______________________





Town Clerk: ___________________________________