Meeting Minutes





Attendance:    Eric Page, Mayor Pro Temp                Lynn Stewart, Council Member

                        Sherie Goring, Council Member         Tracie Williams, Town Clerk

                        Todd Bingham, Council Member      


Absent:  Mayor Robert Thayne 

 Visitors:  Mr. Krebs, Lisa Burbank, Bill Kerivan (visited at the end) 

  1. Opening Ceremony:  Council member Bingham gave opening prayer with Tracie Williams leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  
  1. Approval of March Council Minutes  


MOTION:  Council member Stewart made a motion to approve town council Minutes for March.  Council member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:  Council member Page –Pro Temp          Council member Bingham

                    Council member Goring                          Council member Stewart 

  1. Approval of Monthly Bills:  It was explained that the Grover bill is the last of the cemetery job.  The large power bill is for the heater on well #2.  


MOTION:  Council member Bingham made a motion to pay bill.  Council member Stewart seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:  Council member Page –Pro Temp          Council member Bingham

                    Council member Goring                          Council member Stewart

  1. Planning and Zoning Review:  The council discussed Shauna and Wayne Wrights Conditional Use Permit for her nursery, and discussed the easement rights. She has an existing Conditional Use Permit for a financial home occupation which allowed three cars for parking.     

      New Business:

  1. Mr. Krebs/Questar Gas:  Stopped by to see if Questar Gas can do anything for the Town or if anyone has issues for the Gas Company.  Council member Bingham discussed that the Town recently had a mock disaster drill and what should we do if there was a gas a leak.  Mr. Krebs said that he will have a plan for us in the Fall when he comes back for an Earthquake demo for the council to see.  The security people are welcome to come also.  He went to help with 150,000 customers when their gas was turned in the California, in the 1989 earthquake, that did not have to be turned off.  He has seen hot water heaters walk in an earthquake, so they will need to be attached to the wall.  If you do smell gas, do shut it off, leave home; do not leave lights on or fans on, or garage door openers.  He will bring more information later.  He discussed that they do have isolation valves, but this is set up by how many people are in the areas.  It took a week and half to go to Calif. to fix things.  Other companies can come and help in the western states if the need arises.  Utah might have more structure damage because of the age and is not earthquake set up as California is 

Prices are the lowest in the United Sates, when Council member Bingham asked to keep prices down.  Mr. Krebs left at 7:22 p.m. 

  1. Brad and Lisa Burbank Proposed Possible Approval of New Residential Building:  Lisa Burbank brought UDOT letter approval she received today. UDOT granted the access on the condition that the McMurdie’s agricultural access and culvert, to the north of the subdivision, be removed by a bonded contractor.  They are fine with using the shared road that Brian Burbank owns as long as the agricultural access is gone. UDOT is checking this agricultural access out to see if it is on State property or not.  


The Burbank’s leaks to their corrals were discussed.  Council member Stewart discussed that they need to sign their agreement and get it to Mayor Thayne.

UDOT approval needs to be approved by P&Z; it was decided to come to the Planning Commission for UDOT and Fire Marshal information at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday. Water does not need to go to P&Z,  



MOTION:  Council member Goring made a motion pending approval of both parties signing the document to approve the water connection for the Burbank home.  Council member Bingham seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:  Council member Page –Pro Temp          Council member Bingham

                    Council member Goring                          Council member Stewart 

  1. Easter Egg Hunt April 23rd /Arbor Day Celebration April 29th:  It was discussed to have the Easter Egg Hunt at 11:00 a.m.  

Arbor Day; Council member Goring has hot dogs and lemonade.  It was discussed of what Council member Page needs to get done before trees and grass can be put behind the Town Hall.  Council member Goring says the dead line is June 9, when the report has to be in or put the trees somewhere else. Grant is specific of how many trees and where to put them or the grant will need to be amended.   Council member Page can have the things done before June 1.  Coke Knudsen can check with his metal detector so they won’t hit the water line. Council member Page will dig the holes since he knows where the water lines are for the Arbor Day celebration to plant the trees.

  1. Council Preparation of Budgets for Areas of Responsibility:  Everyone needs to get there budget in for the next meeting. 
  1. Emergency Medical Committee Letter From Deweyville:  The Town Council had the chance to view the Letter before the Council meeting.  


MOTION:  Council Member Bingham made a motion to approve the Emergency Medical Committee Letter from Deweyville. Council member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously. 

Aye Votes:  Council member Page –Pro Temp          Council member Bingham

                    Council member Goring                          Council member Stewart



  1. Rental and Upgrade of Building for Deweyville Fire Station:  There is a metal building on 10200 North that the Town has been considering renting. Council member Stewart says that hopefully there will be donations and that most of the cost would be for power.  The property will cost $50 month to rent for a three year contract. There needs to be water hooked up to it and the building would need to be insulated and heat put in.  If the property is sold, the property owner will have to pay for the improvements.  It was decided that more information is needed before they pursue this.  It was suggested to get bids to get some numbers.  The Fire District does not have money to do the improvements. Honeyville has the truck but it belongs to the district.  There will need to be a gravel driveway to the building. There will need to be a legal agreement, and prorated for the cost of improvement. Council member Goring says there are grants out there to be able to get new buildings. 
  1. City Watch (aka Reverse 911):  The council is for this to do.   

      Unfinished Business: 

  1. Fire District:  Not discussed. 
  1. Water Conservancy District:  Council member Stewart had a meeting with the Conservancy District a week ago and they are ready to go and have funding and they want to start working with Deweyville.  The Town would clear about $10,000 – $12,000 dollars a year up to so many acre feet of water and they pay for it even if they do not use as much water as agreed on.  The money would have to go to the water account and Town would possibly be able to pay the loan off sooner.  An agreement will state that Deweyville’s Water will be taken care of first.  They will hook into the main line; we have two lines that feed it. They will pump to a tank that will be in Collinston, they will keep their tank full.  The figures will be available for people to see at a public meeting.  It was discussed to go ahead with a public meeting at 7:00 p.m. here at the Town Hall on April 28.  A news letter will go out.  
  1. Water Project Update:  Tracie Williams will need to give the rest of the invoices to Mayor Thayne to be reimbursed. 
  1. Emergency Management:  The mock disaster went well.   The council was impressed that a little town can do this.  People in charge did a fantastic job, the Garlick’s, and Litchford’s.   

       Public Comments:  This is an opportunity for the public to address the council.

       Please limit your comments to three minutes.  No Public to comment.  

      Council Member Reports:

  1. Water and Roads (Lynn Stewart) Council member Stewart discussed the water hookups for the Burbanks, Brad will hook up to his corals with his new home line and cap off the corals by the trailer.  If the water does not get paid by the trailer, the water can be turned off.  It was discussed to have the few houses that have water meters at their houses to move the meters to the highway.  

Council member Stewart discussed that Jared Rice from Water Works came and put new lids on to put antennas on for the meters that would not read easily.  He will come back and finish it. It was discussed that if the computer gets logged on by other people, it confuses the water software and it has to be reconnected again.  It was decided to just have one log in on the computer and see if this fixes the problem before they buy a new computer to read water meters. It was discussed to get a lap top so that they can pull up to a meter and see if there is a leak, this would be able to do state and quarterly reports. It was decided to have Council member Page buy this computer. There is a new antenna to put on the truck and the flashing lights need to be redone on the truck.

  1. Documentation and Zoning (Sherie Goring):  Council member Goring explained where she would like to put the trees.  Council member Page can plan on digging the holes the night before April 29.  She would like to put on the budget a new vacuum for the Town Hall.  She discussed the Box Elder County grant and it will be used to expand the walking trail. 
  1. Parks and Public Safety (Eric Page):  Council member Page discussed things throughout the meeting.  
  1. Buildings and Cemetery Management (Todd Bingham):  Bill Kerivan came and discussed that he would like to buy some more herbicide and he has a license to be able to use the herbicides. Mr. Kerivan discussed that the water line at the cemetery needs to be cleaned out so can he clean it out or does a contractor need to do it.  The line gets clogged and does not run as many heads as it could.  He can take it apart to see what the problem is and get the pump out.  The canal comes in on the May first.   

Council member Bingham will see what Pat from Honeyville will charge to spray the Cemetery.  Council member Bingham’s brother did the phone jacks and utility jacks for the Town Hall, (finish work).  The cost is $388.65 and he possibly left off an item.  Council member Bingham bought all the fixtures to finish the men’s restroom in the Town Hall. 

It was discussed to have Janae Bunderson clean the Town Hall.  A new table needs to be bought to put the microwave on in the kitchen.  Tracie will contact Janae about cleaning the Town Hall. 


MOTION:  Council member Goring made a motion to write a check for Shane Bingham and pay him for an electrical bill and communications work for the amount of $388.65. Council member Stewart seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:  Council member Page –Pro Temp          Council member Bingham

                    Council member Goring                          Council member Stewart 

Adjourn MOTION:  Council member Stewart made a motion to adjourn Town Council meeting.  Council member Bingham seconded the motion.  Motion passes.  Meeting adjourned at 9:03 p.m. 


Approved:  ____May 12, 2011______________ 


Town Clerk:  ____________________________