Attendance:    Nathan Spackman, Chair                    Sherie Goring, Town Council Rep.

                        Joe Kliger                                            Tracie Williams, Town Clerk

                        Dale Meservy

Absent:    Shauna Wright, Dale Marble

Visitors:  Wayne Wright, Lisa Burbank (came in at 8:15 p.m.) 

1.                  Welcome:  Nathan Spackman Chair.  Nathan Spackman gave opening prayer with Joe Kliger leading the Pledge of Allegiance. 

2.                  Discussion of the Deweyville Town General Plan:  Gil Miler (City Planner):  Mr. Miller asked the Planning Commission if they would like to see more history information in the introduction.   

The Planning Commission had the opportunity to view the General Plan before this meeting to make any suggestions.  They discussed this and made some suggestions.   

Mr. Miller will not be able to attend the meeting in May.  The next meeting with him will be June 23.  (Fourth Thursday in June) 

The Planning Commission would like to discuss the future road plan in the possible road areas.  The plat maps will need to be available to go through on the First Thursday in May (5th) during the regular Planning Meeting. 

3.                  Brad and Lisa Burbank UDOT and Fire Marshal Approval:  The Planning Commission discussed the UDOT approval before Mrs. Burbank came in and it was suggested to have more clarification on the UDOT approval letter of which access they were talking about in the letter.  When Mrs. Burbank came in she clarified which access it was; it was the North access that they intended on using and that she had taken in an aerial view map to UDOT and that they had approved the right access. 
A building permit will be issued once their water agreement has been approved between the Burbanks and the Town Council and fees are paid. 

4.                  Wayne and Shauna Wright Conditional Use Permit:  Their Company’s name is True North Garden Design and Nursery:  Mr. Wright says that three parking spaces would be sufficient for his nursery.  He would like to have a sign at the road entrance to his home on 11300 N, and put another sign closer to Hwy 38.  He plans on putting the trees and shrubs by the pond so it won’t be in the view of the neighbors, and keep them away from the front yard.  Mr. Wright will order trees and special order for big jobs, so no need to keep a large inventory on his property.  

The conditions were discussed to be; to allow parking for four cars, keep the tree inventory not more than 1,000 trees, and to put a sign up according to the sign ordinance – six square feet. (Chapter 3, pg. 4).  Trees will need to be stored in the back and not in the front yard.  A letter will need to be sent out to the neighbors within 1,000 feet so that they can have a chance to voice their concerns. 

The letters to the neighbors will need to go out so that Mr. Wright can have things finalized and signed and ready to go to the Town Council. 

5.                  Adjourned:  The Planning Commission adjourned at 8:40 p.m.



Approved:  _____May 5, 2011______________ 


Town Clerk:  ____________________________