Currently the minimum building lot size is .86 acres. It is proposed that the minimum lot size be reduced to .5 acres. The minimum lot size change would pertain to lots positioned along Hwy 38 or Deweyville Town roads. The minimum frontage requirement of 125 ft. would not change.


Here are some pros and cons you can consider along with your own.


Possible Pros; Lots would be smaller and therefore easier to landscape and take care of. The cost of the lots would be less and thus easier for young families to purchase. The Town would be more in line with other Cities, Towns and County areas.


Possible Cons; More lots could be established in future subdivisions. Larger subdivisions could bring more congestion and diminish our agricultural community feel.


Please mark an X on the line of your choice For orAgainst. Please write your name and offer any comments in the space provided if you’d like to do so. If you have questions or would like to vote by phone or email, please call 435-239-7312 or email:

If you use this sheet for your vote please place it in the drop box in front of the Town Hall or Mail it to: Deweyville Town 10870 N Hwy 38 Deweyville, Utah 84309.

Please cast your vote no later than Thursday March 31, 2016. The vote will be counted and certified by the Town Attorney Kirk Morgan. Whatever the majority opinion is that will be the direction that will be taken. The result will be posted on the town website: www.townofdeweyville.orgthe first week of April.


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