Attendees:       Robert Thayne, Mayor                        Council Member Lynn Stewart

                        Council Member Eric Page                 Council Member Todd Bingham

                        Council Member Sherie Goring          Kathy Gudmundson, Town Clerk

Visitors:           Monte Garlick, Future Council Member 

Opening Ceremony:  Mayor Thayne brought the meeting to order at 6:55 with Mayor Thayne giving the opening prayer and Kathy Gudmundson the Pledge of allegiance 

  1. Proposed Approval of November 10, 201l Council Meeting Minutes—Minutes should reflect that the water line is going directly to Gardner Cabinet Shop and is an old fire line that is not being used.    


MOTION:  Council Member Stewart made a motion to approve the Town Council Minutes for Thursday November 10, 2011 with that correction. Council Member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously. 

        Aye votes:  Mayor Thayne                              Council Member Stewart

                          Council Member Page                 Council Member Goring

                          Council Member Bingham 

2.      Approval of Monthly Bills:  The Council had a copy of the projected bills in front of them to view and discuss.  

MOTION:  Council Member Bingham made a motion to pass and pay the bills.  This was seconded by Council Member Page. 

Aye votes:  Mayor Thayne                                    Council Member Stewart

                    Council Member Page                       Council Member Goring

                    Council Member Bingham 

  1. Planning and Zoning Review:  Nothing to report.  We need two new members.     

      New Business: 

  1. Appointed Positions Resolution Discussion

Was reviewed and discussed.  This will be passed next month. We need to add duties of the town council members.  Mayor will rewrite. 

  1. Election Certification 


For the municipal general election we had 176 registered voters.  Total voted was 61.3 %.  102 ballots counted on Dec 8th.  There were 6 ballots counted and record after Nov 8th 2011.  Monte Garlick received 74 votes.  Maxine Goring had 57 votes.  Joe Kliger had 74 votes. 


Motion made by Council member Bingham to accept the Election Certification.  Seconded by Council member Page.  

           Aye votes:  Mayor Thayne                              Council Member Stewart

                   Council Member Page                  Council Member Goring


                   Council Member Bingham           

      Unfinished Business: 

  1. First Night Celebration—will happen on December 31st.  Richard and Lynn will buy fireworks.  We will have some fires built for people.  We need a letter from the fire marshal to have the fires.
  2. Cemetery plots –All records need to go through clerk’s office.  We need to raise the price of plots. We need to do some research.  
  3. Water District agreement---Council member Stewart questioned what sufficient notice is. The agreement will be renewed yearly.   Payments would be quarterly.  City will be held harmless for any damages.  With notice either party can get out of contract.  The benefit will be an extra $10,000 a year.  The only advantage is money.  We will look at this next month.     

       Public Comments:  This is an opportunity for the public to address the council.

       Please limit your comments to three minutes.  

      Council Member Reports:

  1. Water and Roads (Lynn Stewart)  nothing to report
  2. Documentation and Zoning (Sherie Goring)--Nothing to report
  3. Parks and Public Safety (Eric Page)   He has enjoyed his four years and thanks everyone
  4. Buildings and Cemetery Maintenance (Todd Bingham) nothing to report 

    Adjourned at 8:45 p.m...