Attendance:    Robert Thayne Mayor                         Lynn Stewart, Council member

                        Eric Page, Council Member                Todd Bingham, Council Member

                        Sherie Goring, Council Member         Tracie Williams, Town Clerk


Council Member Bingham came in at 7:10 p.m. and left at 8:10 p.m.


Visitors:   Janae Bunderson, Shauna and Wayne Wright-left at 7:50, Eugene (Buddie) Hogan (Cedar Ridge) and Lori Wiser and daughter (Cedar Ridge) dismissed at 8:02 p.m.  


1.         Opening Ceremony:  Mayor Thayne brought meeting to order with Council member Stewart giving the opening prayer and Council member Goring leading the Pledge of Allegiance.


2.         PROPOSED ADOPTION OF DEWEYVILLE TOWN ORDINANCE 2011-01; AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE DEWEYVILLE TOWN ZONING ORDINANCE OF NOVEMBER 11, 2004:  Mayor Thayne explained that the reason why the Town is doing a new Zoning Ordinance is to make it more applicable for Deweyville.  There have already been two public hearings for public input, one with the Planning and Zoning Commission and one with the Town Council.  There have been a few changes made. He explained some of the changes and explained that Deweyville is still very much a farming community.


MOTION:  Council member Stewart made a motion to accept Ordinance

# 2011-01; An Ordinance Amending the Deweyville Town Zoning Ordinance of November 11, 2004.  Council member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  The new Zoning Ordinance is now in effect.

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Goring

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart


            Absent:  Council member Bingham


3.         Approval of January Council Minutes: 

MOTION:  Council member Page made a motion to accept the Meeting minutes for January.  Council member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Goring

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart


      Absent:  Council member Bingham   


4.         Approval of Monthly Bills:  The council discussed the bill for Matt Regen (Auditor).  It is something that needs to be done every year and to ask Mr. Regen what the expense will be next year so that it can be budgeted for correctly.  Council member Stewart explained some of the water expenses and he will check with Rocky Mt. Power about the well #2 bill.  This bill is always more and does not get used enough.  Council member Stewart thought that maybe they charge for heating the pump house since it is a bigger building than the other pump house.


MOTION:  Council member Goring made a motion to pay bills for this month and see what Mr. Regen would charge next year differently.  Council member Bingham seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring


5.                        Planning and Zoning Review:

Discussion of and Proposed Approval of Creation of the Deweyville Town General Plan:  Mayor explained that Gil Miller (City Planner) wants to and is willing to write the General Plan.  The charge will be $3,000.  He will start with the Planning Commission with Nathan Spackman, Planning Commission Chair. The time is unknown to how long it will take to finish the General Plan.


MOTION:  Council member Bingham made a motion to authorize to pay Gil Miller his bill of $3,000.00.  Council member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously. Council member Goring suggested that maybe he would take $1,500 now and put the other $1,500 on the next year’s budget.

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring


    New Business:


6.         Inquiry from Cedar Ridge subdivision representative:  Lori Wiser started her discussion by stating that she would like to annex but it is difficult to do the annexation without creating an island.  There would be a land mass between the edge of Deweyville and Cedar Ridge.  If they were to annex would Deweyville be their water provider?


She would like an official letter from the Town Council for stating what kind of water system they would like to see because they are not metered.  She would like a letter stating the requirements in detail.  She asked if Deweyville will be their water provider if they do not annex.  Mayor Thayne said that the town would have to look in to the system to see what kind of condition their water system is in and how much it would take to fix it to make it up to date.  It was suggested to possibility create a Special Service District.  The County would work with them to help pay the improvements through the Service District with taxes. If Cedar Ridge decides to annex, they would have to annex everyone and to not create an island.


She would like an official letter before the Hearing on March 22, with the State Dept. of Public Service Commission.  The Council suggested having Clayton Grover assess their water system and have Hansen and Associates, Chris Wight look at their system also, before an official letter can be written.   Mrs. Wiser said that she will get the information from Clayton Grover and Chris Wight before they pursue this.  Cedar Ridge will pay the cost for their water system improvements and they would like the Town do their water billing, and possibly in the future be able to annex.


 7.     Council Discussion and Proposed Approval of Sending Town Water

Operator to the February Rural Water Conference:  Richard Williams will go to the Rural Water conference at the end of February.  The state requires a consumer report and he can get it done while he is in Saint George at the conference.  He has a place to stay while he is there, so there will not be an expense for a hotel.  Mayor Thayne suggested that the Town plan to send Janae Bunderson and Tracie Williams to the Water Conference, some time in the future, because there are things there for them also.


MOTION:  Council member Stewart made a motion to send Richard Williams to the Water Conference in St. George and allow the cost to be about $300.  Council member Page seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring


 8.     Bear River Water Conservancy District Proposal:  Council member Stewart discussed this.  They would like to build a tank to the north of Deweyville’s tank and put water in it.  They will cover all the expense.  They will write up an agreement to present it to the Town.  They are proposing to rent surplus water.  If there happens to be a drought or there is water issues, Deweyville will come first. If the town agrees to this it would take about one year to a year and half to complete this project. 


Council member Stewart continued by discussing how much water that the wells produce for the Town, per acre feet, and how much water the Town used during the peak months, so there is plenty of water.  The District guarantees buying 50 acre feet of water even if they do not use this amount.  They offered to pay $150-$175 per acre foot.  Deweyville will need to chlorinate the water so this would cost a little more for the Town.  Council member Stewart can give them a figure of what the cost might be.  The contract will be rewritten once a year or even every two years incase of cost increases.  The Town would be making a little profit. 


The question was asked what happens in case of a drought year and they are hooked to our water system?  Their answer was that by then, they will be hooked up to other towns for other water sources and will be able to share water with them.  The District would like a proposal so that they can start to get funding.  There is not a contract yet to sign; they just need something from Deweyville stating that they are willing to investigate this.  Council member Stewart suggests that if they do get a proposal written that the Town needs to have a meeting with the community to inform them.


MOTION:  Council member Goring made a motion to support the efforts to come to a written proposal for the Bear River Water Conservancy District for Deweyville.  Council member Stewart seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously. 

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Goring

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart


Absent:  Council member Bingham.


9.   Mayors Association Information:  Mayor Thayne agreed at the Mayor’s Association meeting to mention to the Town Council about issues dealing with Pornography. The mayor passed out a CD about this to the council.  The cities in the county approve to have a proclamation for a safe community. The cities need to pass a proclamation before the county can have an ordinance to keep pornography out of the county.   A man would like to come to a council meeting to present the proclamation at the meeting.  It is planned for him to come at the next Town Council in March meeting.


Something else that will come up is that there is a group that has gotten together called the BEAR Program (Business Expansion and Retention).  Christine Floyd is the one over this.  It is a survey process to get businesses to help expand to employ more people.  Unemployment for the Box Elder County is at 9.4 % this year compared to 3.5% last year.  Cache Valley has 5.8 % unemployment.  They are just a research survey group, they would like additional money from cities tin Box Elder County, and the county would assess the towns for this money. The Town Council is not for this.  Mayor Thayne is afraid that the Town will probably have to pay for this through the county because the Town will have no choice.


The SWAT Team now would like money and asks for a donation that would help with the cost of the SWAT Team also.  Nothing has been decided yet with this but more information might come up later.    


      Unfinished Business:


  1. Fire District: There is a meeting 6:30 on Monday.  The dispatch is still not set yet.  


  1. Water Project Update:  Council member Stewart has plans for the final piece for the cemetery project for the line to be put in at the cemetery.  The Contractor will be able to replace 250 feet of old plastic pipe.  They will be able to isolate the old line with valves so that water can be placed somewhere else.


  1. Emergency Management:  CERT Training is going on now.  Monty Garlick is mapping some security for the town incase of a disaster.


Public Comments:  This is an opportunity for the public to address the council.

Please limit your comments to three minutes. Wayne Wright asked if the Town does annex Cedar Ridge Subdivision, will there be a water line running it there.  Council member Stewart answered that the State will not allow using the grant money to put the line in, because the state is asking for $125,000 of grant money back that was used to put the Town’s new water system so there will not be money to fund the line to Cedar Ridge.


      Council Member Reports:


  1. Water and Roads (Lynn Stewart):  Council member Page discussed that he had the opportunity to read water meters with Janae Bunderson, the Water Bill Administrator, and she showed him her pain.  At least four water meters did not read so she had to pump water out by hand and pulled the truck up to it before it would finally read.  Janae says that there is an antenna that goes on the meters so that the meters can be read easier.  Mayor Thayne says to get the HD Supply Waterworks guy out here that does the meters to meet with Janae and Council member Stewart to see about the meters and their warrantee on the meters.  The Town has received quotes for a new water billing software and it would be about the same cost as what the Town is paying now.  Council member Page will do more research to see if there is something so that system would go on a laptop and he will call Jason Graves back and tell that we would consider their software without the training and have HD Supply come out and fix the water meters. Council member Page would like to get a pump that hooks up to the truck that will pump automatically so that Janae does not have to pump out the meter pits with a hand pump.


Council member Stewart said that there was some good news that the house, just south of the church, was sold and that a check came in the mail for the delinquent water bill.


The line that goes back to Brad Burbank’s corrals and hooks to the trailer house has leeks.  If someone living in the trailer house does not pay the water bill he cannot turn the water off because it goes back to the corrals.  Brad Burbank does pay the water overage costs for the trailer, and the person who rents the trailer pays the monthly water bill. 


Mr. Burbank would like to put in another line.  He will do the lines and dig the holes if the Town will put in his meter.  This new line will service his corrals and his new home when he builds. Council member Stewart and Mayor Thayne would like to visit with the attorney about what kind of agreement that the Town would need for Mr. Burbank to correct this existing situation.  Council member Stewart will pursue this.


  1. Documentation and Zoning (Sherie Goring):  Council member Goring explained that she is working on a Box Elder County grant. Clayton Grover did a bid at $3500 to put in drinking fountain and 900 feet of new walking trail. Forestry Grant is scheduled to plant trees on April 29, at 5:30.  If anyone can help, it would be appreciated.  It is planned to dig the holes for the trees on the night before.  There will be about 23 trees to plant. The council discussed the power lines, running through the park, and it should be safe to dig; the trees are not going where there is a line.  She can work on a Pepsi Cola grant for playground equipment. 


  1. Parks and Public Safety (Eric Page):  Everything is good.


  1. Buildings and Cemetery Management (Todd Bingham):  He was not here at this time.


Adjourn:  MOTION:  Council member Page made a motion to adjourn Town Council meeting.  Council member Stewart seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                        

                                    Council member Page            

                                                Council member Goring

                                                Council member Stewart


                        Absent:  Council member Bingham






Approved:  ___March 10, 2011______________





Town Clerk:  ____________________________