Attendance:    Town Council

Mayor Thayne                                   Lynn Stewart

Eric Page                                           Tracie William, Town Clerk

                        Todd Bingham


Planning Commission:           

Nathan Spackman           Dale Meservy

                        Shauna Wright                  Dale Marble


Absent:        Sherie Goring

                        Joe Kliger


  1. Opening Ceremony:  Nathan Spackman brought meeting to order.  Council member Stewart led the Pledge of Allegiance with Council member Bingham giving the opening prayer.
  2. Discussion of the Land Management:  They discussed the square footage of commercial buildings.  New zoning area for Layne Gardner (10775 N. Hwy 38), would it need to go to Planning Commission again?  Probably not, but make sure the property owners, near that area need to come to a Public Meeting to hear what the plans are. There is already a cabinet business there, which is why they discussed to have it be a commercial zone.  Mr. Gardner would still need to come to the Planning Commission and notify the neighbors of his business, even though the area would still be made into a commercial zone.  Council member Stewart suggested leaving the map the way it is without changing this area for a zone change.  Nathan Spackman says that he agrees to just to leave Layne Gardner’s area the same and if Mr. Gardner would like to change it to a commercial zone  he would need to come to the town Planning Commission for approval.

It was decided to not change the commercial zone in the Gardner area. It was decided to mention the Commercial Zone in the zoning ordinance and not have it shown on the map.


Changes since the Planning Commission Public Hearing: Point system on animals changed to 60 points per .86 acres, and pigs cannot have mud wallows.  Size of buildings for commercial zone changed. Fence height changed from 6 to 8 feet.  The appendix had some changes also. 

Mayor Thayne and Nathan Spackman will need to meet with Gil Miller (City Planner) and talk about questions that were asked and discuss the zoning map.   

It was suggested to meet again with the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Town Council, after the public hearing, to discuss the Zoning Ordinance before it gets adopted.  The Water Source Protection in stated in the new Ordinance.

5.   Discussion of Resolution #1-11-01:  A Resolution Authorizing Appointed Positions in the Town of Deweyville, Listing Those Appointed and When their Terms End:   Layne Gardner replaced Bud Stevenson in the Emergency Management Committee.   Mike Litchford is the new block captain coordinator and there are new block captains.  Mayor Thayne will get the new names so they can go in the Resolution. 

6.    Adjourn:  MOTION:  Council member Bingham made a motion to adjourn meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m. 



Ap    Approved:  _____April 7, 2011_______________


         Town Clerk:  ______________________________