Attendance:    Nathan Spackman, Chair                    Shauna Wright

                                    Dale Meservy                                      Sherie Goring Town Council

                                    Dale Marble                                        Tracie Williams Town clerk


Absent:            Joe Kliger


Visitors:           Gil Miler – City Planner, Dan Scott and David Scott


1.      Welcome:  Nathan Spackman, Chair:  Nathan Spackman gave opening prayer and Dale Marble led the Pledge of Allegiance.


2.      Discussion of the Deweyville General Plan – With Gil Miller (City Planner):  Mr. Miller said that the General Plan is consistent with the Zoning Ordinance.  It was a consensus of the citizens of Deweyville to be not Pro Growth. This is to control things and is done to maintain the character of the community. 


Richard Williams (Water Works) is working on getting a Source Protection over lay, to lay over the Plat Map to show specifically where the source protection plan is, so that when property owners would like to build close to the Town’s water facilities, all this information is there with the hydraulics.  Mr. Miller says that Hansen and Associates would have this information, plus the information where all the water lines and shut off valves are located in town. 


Mr. Miller discussed the road that goes up to Berger’s (3000 W. off of Hwy 38), for Mr. Jeppesen who wanted his two acre lot divided into two one acre lots.  It is in the RR5 so he cannot subdivide it.  It is already a legal non-conforming lot by being 2 acres.  He can petition for a zone change.


Nathan Spackman commented about roads; they work out to have about two lots then a road and then two lots and so forth, (for the depth of the lots.) The General Plan is just for the arterials for when people bring in plans.  The roads are conceptual so they need to be on the map, so that they have to make sure they deal with the issue for the development of the property so that people don’t end up being land locked.


It was commented that for the future, people who own property cannot build in the road area and it can be left alone. This will have to be approved when the people start the building process so they won’t, by mistake, build in the road area. Mr. Miller says that there are two ways to deal with this, they can give the easement for the town to own, or they can farm it or use it, and then when it comes time to build they have the easement right that can be deeded over to the Town on the road part so they don’t have to pay taxes on it.  It does not make a difference with what the Town does.


Mr. Miller would like the Planning Commission to have their Public Hearing on the First Thursday, August 4, at 7:00 p.m. here at the Town Hall.  The road map should be done by this point.  There can be a joint Public Hearing with the Town Council.  Notice will have to be done 14 days before the Public Hearing.  We can publicize it on the State and Town Website and the newspaper.  No decisions or approval will be made at this point; this is just to inform the public.  The Planning Commission will conduct this meeting.  The changes can then be made and approved at the August 18, meeting, and then the Planning Commission can send the recommendations to the Town Council to be approved on the September 8, meeting.  This can just be a vote, no opening or closing of the meeting needed and the General Plan can be adopted.  This will be adopted by an Ordinance.  The ordinance will adopt the General Plan and it will be attached to the ordinance.  No Public Hearing will need to be done for the Town Council meeting since it was combined with the Planning Commission.


The well head protection plan can be drawn on the map with the general plan and make 11x17 copies to be folded up and put in the books.


Put Public Notice in the Newspaper for July 20 and 27.


·         Next meeting will be July 21, to discuss the roads at 7:30 p.m.


3.      Dave and Dan Scott:  Preliminary Building Discussion:  The Scotts bought a vacant lot, located just north of 10025 N. Hwy 38.  It is a ½ acre lot.  Nathan Spackman says that any existing non-conforming lot, before the Zoning Ordinance was passed, is legal and is a buildable lot.  He also explained the lot sizes for the Town.  The water connection fees were discussed. There is an access to the lot off of Hwy 38, but it has not been used for along time.  The Scotts will need to get UDOT approval first and have a perk test done.  Dan and Dave Scott dismissed themselves after this discussion.


Adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.



Approved:  ____July 21, 2011___________



Town Clerk:  ________________________