Attendance:  Mayor Robert Thayne                         Lynn Stewart, CM

                        Eric Page, CM                                     Tracie Williams, Town Clerk

                        Sherie Goring, CM

                        Todd Bingham, CM


Visitors:           Eric Anderson, Kristin Walker, Drake Walker, Mitch Walker, Jim Bunderson, Bryce Bunderson, Bill Kerivan – arrived at 8:00 p.m.


  1. Opening Ceremony: Mayor Thayne brought meeting to order. Council member Stewart gave opening prayer with Tracie Williams leading the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mayor Thayne commented about the 2010 Census. People need to fill out the census report in the mail. When the numbers come in, this is how communities receive public funds. A reminder of the census needs to be put on the Town Sign.


  1. Approval of February Council Meeting Minutes: MOTION: Council member Stewart made a motion to accept Council Meeting Minutes for February 11. Council member Goring seconded the motion. Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:      Mayor Robert Thayne             Council member Stewart

                        Council member Page             Council member Bingham

                        Council member Goring


  1. Approval of Monthly Bills and Budget Discussion: The Mayor discussed the bills from the handouts. The Tablet Chlorinator application has been resubmitted so that the north tank can have a chlorination system. Mayor Thayne discussed that the Town needs to have a Master Development Plan in place.


The Rocky Mt. Power meter was unreadable again for Well #2, so they estimated again. They will contact Tracie and let her know more information. Rupp’s bill for $33,487.00 will come from B&C road fund.


MOTION: Council member page made a motion to pay Town bills for the month of February. Council member Bingham seconded the motion. Motion passes unanimously. 

Aye Votes:      Mayor Robert Thayne             Council member Stewart

                        Council member Page             Council member Bingham

                        Council member Goring


  1. Planning and Zoning Review: Mayor Thayne asked Less Wheatley about being on the Planning Commission. He would like to but he needs to get some information before can make a decision. Also, Maxine Goring was suggested to be on the Planning Commission, and was also suggested to ask Joe Kliger. Ben and Bree Litchford are not going to continue to build. The property is not going to work out but they still will need to have a Conditional Use Permit to have a trailer put in behind Ruth Litchford (8810 N. Hwy 38). Letter of building requirements for the Town’s people needs to go out and Council member Goring will e-mail it to the council to look at.


New Business


  1. Ben and Bree Litchford Conditional Use Permit: The Planning Commission needs to review this on Wednesday, March 17. Council member Goring reviewed the Conditional Use Ordinance and it appears there is a contradiction in the Ordinances. The Cond. Use Ordinance says that Planning Commission approves and if there is a problem then the Town Council is an appeal. It was decided to have the ordinances state that both the Planning Commission and the Town Council will need to approve it.   Council member Goring will still look into this.


Unfinished Business:


  1. Fire District and Fire Protection Discussion: Mayor Thayne went to a Fire District meeting on Monday. He said that Corinne will pull out of the district for personal reasons. It was decided to put the District on hold. The communities will get their own fire protection. The district is still there on paper. What Deweyville can do is put Bear River City, Deweyville, and Honeyville in the district and operate that way and get mutual agreements from Tremonton to help out. The public needs to get involved. Honeyville can get a truck for Deweyville’s use. Jim Bunderson says that there are fire trucks that were vandalized and are parked at the Tremonton land fill that will be going up for auction. Eric Anderson will look into this. The next option is to use Tremonton to service all of Deweyville. Mayor Thayne has a new agreement from Tremonton. The cost to use Tremonton for fire protection will be $50.36 per year, per house hold, plus soft costs. The district was going to charge $46.00 per year.


It was decided to have a public meeting and send out a newsletter with options and get people’s input. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 1, at 7:30 p.m. after the Planning Commission meeting.


  1. Water Project Update: The tablet chlorinator was already talked about and the application will have to be resubmitted. Mayor Thayne talked about the Master Development Plan with Chris Wright, if the town has this Plan it would be easier for everyone to do projects or a subdivision, the engineer could look at the information and match it with the Plan and then the engineer signs it off and submits information to the State for approval. The Engineer estimated the cost to get this Master Development Plan to be around $4,000-$5,000 but the mayor will see if he can get it for a better cost.


Lynn says the chlorinator will be in on Monday. Paul Folgham from Tremonton will help put it in. The chlorinator is for the south end. 


Robbie said that Matt Regan is doing the single audit for the Corp. of Engineers and is almost done with it. There should be about $150,000 left on the loan to use on other things. Grants might be able to be used to put fences up around the tanks.


  1. Website Discussion: It was discussed to have a website committee. Council member Goring will look at paper that was sent by Igov and can fill it out.


  1. Easter Egg Hunt: The Easter egg hunt will be on Saturday, April 3, at 9:00 a.m. Memorial Day speech will be given by Larry Frazier on May 31, at 8:00 a.m. It was discussed to have the flags set up a day or two earlier at the cemetery. Charlette Meservy will be in charge of setting out the flags and who to get involved. Fourth of July celebration will be held on Saturday, July 3.


Walker’s dismissed at 8:20 p.m.


  1. Quick Books Training. Training is going good. Tracie was able to print out the checks from quick books for this meeting. Lori Hurd from Hurd Bookkeeping is doing the training.


Public Comments:  Eric Anderson asked about a shed for a fire truck that the town has available to use if they wanted. Mayor explained that there is a shed across the street owned by the Prisbrey’s. Mayor Thayne will contact them to see if the shed would be available to use. Training for the Fire District would be paid by the dept, and Nucor would be willing to train for EMT training. Eric Anderson is trained and is available to help with the Deweyville fire protection.


Bill Kerivan – Cemetery Care Taker asked about flower beds for the Cemetery, maintenance on the Lawn mower and trimmer. Council member Page can take the lawn mower in to get serviced. Mayor offered his trimmer for Bill Kerivan to use. Mr. Kerivan can begin working at the cemetery when he feels it is ready to begin. Mr. Kerivan discussed what he would like to do for the flower beds and he was told that he can get the flowers anywhere. Mayor Thayne will e-mail the council members the budget for the cemetery. 


Council member Goring suggested to have a fence put up on the east side of the canal where it is steep at the cemetery, to keep people from falling in.


The cemetery needs to have the snow plowed in the winter. It was suggested to trade in the Town Truck to get a four wheel drive with a plow or hire someone.  The Cemetery Box needs to be moved so that the sprinklers do not damage it more and it needs to be painted. It was suggested to put prices for the cost of plots in the box. Council members would like to have a sign for regulations at the cemetery so she will come up with the regulations.

Council Member Reports:


  1. Water and Roads (Lynn Stewart): Council member Stewart says that Brent Craven’s water valve needs to be replaced and it is on the Town’s side. Clayton Grover will fix this. There are a few meters that still need to be fixed. Kerivan’s meter still needs to be replaced with a new one.


Council member Stewart discussed that he and the Mayor went to the Rural Water Conference in St. George, Ut. last week for training. Chlorination will be completed and lids for the water tanks will be replaced. He said that the gravel has settled on 10200 N. and needs to have more put down so that the road does not erode away.


  1. Documentation and Zoning (Sherie Goring): Council member Goring said the McKinley school has donated their soccer goals to the Town. She said that Gil Miller – City Planner wants to put part of the Mobile Home Ordinance in the Zoning Ordinance and have an encroachment ordinance for camp trailers. There will be a pruning clinic for the walking trail trees. The Town became a Tree City and will have a presentation in April.


  1. Parks and Public Safety (Eric Page): Council member Page would like to have some trees put on west side of the play ground area. Council member Goring said that the Pumpkin walk made $736 that could be used for the playground equipment.


  1. Buildings and Cemetery Maintenance (Todd Bingham): Council member Bingham went to his first mosquito abatement meeting a couple of weeks ago. Nothing to report yet. They do spray in Deweyville. Lynn Jorgenson will be here in two weeks to do the extension on the Town Hall roof and then the generator can be hooked back up.



Adjourn: MOTION: Council member Page made a motion to Adjourn Town Council meeting. Council member Bingham seconded the motion. Motion passes unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m.

Aye Votes:      Mayor Robert Thayne             Council member Stewart

                        Council member Page             Council member Bingham

                        Council member Goring



Approved: ____APRIL 8, 2010_________________






Town Clerk: ______________________________