Deweyville Planning and Zoning Commission
Work Meeting


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Deweyville Town Hall 

Attendance:    Nathan Spackman, Chair

                        Shauna Wright

                        Joe Kliger

                        Tracie Williams, Town Clerk

Absent:  Dale Marble, Dale Meservy 

Visitors:  Gil Miller

1.      Work on the General Plan:  The Planning Commission went over and discussed the map of the road structure for the General plan, and the information is there when the developers come in to have some way to not land lock people’s property. 

Section 4 – Talks about goals and policy 

Section 6 – Read to see if they agree with what is put in there for commercial  

Section 7 – Annexation should be up to State code.   Planning Commission make yourself familiar with section 7. 

Section 8 – see if it needs to be here or reduce it.  This is to have some consistent character of the community.  Shauna Wright suggests leaving it there. 

Discuss whether to have curb and gutter and what point to put them in. 

Section 9 – Go through housing Element safe housing and diversify styles and price levels in all areas of the town. 

Section 10 – This is extensive so familiarize with this velocity 

Section 14 – Might want more policy for cemetery.  

Work with the map of the roads for development. 

Next step – Everyone look through it read it and make suggestions to discuss changes.  


Next meeting – Third Thursday of the month April 21.

Approved:  __April 7, 2011________      Town Clerk:  ______________________