Meeting Minutes





Attendance:    Mayor Robert Thayne                         Council member Lynn Stewart

                        Council member Page                         Council member Bingham

                        Council member Goring                      Tracie Williams, Town Clerk 

Visitors:           Mike Litchford, Matt Zollinger 

  1. Opening Ceremony: Mayor Robert Thayne brought the meeting to order with Council member Bingham giving the opening prayer and Council member Page leading the Pledge of Allegiance. 
  1. Approval of February Council Minutes:  

MOTION:  Council member Bingham made a motion to approve the minutes for February 10.  Council member Page seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring  

  1. Approval of Monthly Bills:  Council member Stewart explained the power bill for Well #2.  This is expense was to run the electric heaters.  The Hansen and Associates bill was for their work on the Cemetery water line. 


MOTION:  Council member Bingham made a motion to pay bills.  Council member Stewart seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

 Aye Votes:     Mayor Thayne                         Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring  

  1. Planning and Zoning Review:  Mayor Thayne discussed that the Planning Commission was going to start working on the General Plan.  Mayor Thayne and Council member Stewart will go talk to Jack Rindlisbacher about his water and fees for his granddaughter when she builds.  Council member Stewart and Richard Williams will check to see if there is another water meter near Rindlisbacher’s that can be used for his granddaughter.   It was discussed that the town waive the water connection fee of $1,500 for the Burbanks, but they will need to pay the impact fees of $5,335.00 if the agreement is signed.  The attorney is working on an agreement.      

      New Business: 

  1.  Matt Zollinger Proclamation For A Child Safe Community Presentation:  He was involved a year ago with a youth conference.  The Town Council received a CD last meeting.  He has been working with other cities to get a proclamation.  This is formalizing to a child safe community, for people whose standards are not up to the city standards, the cities can say no.  He has three more cities left to sign this proclamation and then they will be able to get a County Ordinance.  Deweyville has an ordinance in place containing information about not allowing adult orientation businesses already.  Mr. Zollinger discussed that the schools have a white ribbon week similar to red Ribbon for being Drug Free.  He says that White is for pornography.  This was discussed that it sets a standard so if someone goes to court and they deny someone to build a questionable business; you have something that was developed by the town to stand up against.  The County will only do an Ordinance when all the towns are on board.  Mr. Zollinger says that he thinks that this will go on this year’s ballet to help the communities.  He will check with the county. He needs a copy of the signed proclamation.  Mr. Zollinger excused himself at 7:33 p.m. 

MOTION:  Council member Stewart made a motion to adopt A Proclamation Establishing and Promoting a Child-Safe Community Standard.  Council member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  The Council members signed the proclamation and a copy was given to Mr. Zollinger.

Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring 

  1. 2012 Budget Discussion:  The Council had a copy of the budget to look at and it was discussed.  This will be discussed more. 


           Unfinished Business: 

  1. Fire District:  Mayor Thayne said that a plat map is needed and the district will pay for this.  Council member Stewart is working on an agreement with a person who owns the property next to him on 10200 North, where there is a shed on the property to house a fire truck there.   
  1. Water Conservancy District: There will be another meeting and they are working with their engineers.  This is still a possibility to be able to sell water to them to cover Collinston.  
  1. Water Project Update:  Clayton Grover is taking a little longer with the cemetery water line since he is doing another project.  It will be completed next week. 
  1. Emergency Management:  Mike Litchford explained that he is here to update everyone about his side of the emergency preparedness.  There will be a CERT meeting at 6:30 here at the Town Hall on March 25th.  This is to discuss what is expected of the CERT members in the case of an emergency.  They will plan a drill as soon as possible in April.  The CERT and the Block Captains can decide what date to have the drill in April.  Mayor Thayne suggests having the drill on Saturday, April 9.    

Mr. Litchford will have a kit put together for the Block Captains to deliver to everyone in town with instruction on how to use the kits.  Mr. Litchford showed what was in the kits in case of a disaster and explained that the orange pendent was to be displayed in a highly visible area of the homes to notify people that everyone was OK in the homes.  If no orange pendent is displayed, then there will be a need at the homes and then the Block Captains will notify Mr. Litchford and he will notify the trained CERT members for help.  

There are five zones and there are nine homes in each zone. The Town’s people are to fill out a basic skills sheet, example: if they are trained in first aid, electrician, plumber, etc. and what equipment they have in case of emergency that could be used.  This will be on file and a copy will go to the bishop and the mayor. This information will be confidential.  There are seven horsemen to use to relay messages incase there is no way to communicate by car.  He will add to the CERT list the CERT trained people on the lower road (3400 West).  When this drill is put on how in-depth does the council want it to be?  There will be a radio meeting on this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. to discuss what communication frequency will need to be used.   

Mr. Litchford would like to send a letter to everyone to inform them that there is going to be a drill with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, with dead people, and work with the block captains and the CERT members to see what will need to be done.  Council member Bingham said that he has access to 30 gal plastic barrels and 15 gal barrels that his chemical supplier brings to him, if people are interested in getting some.  They are rinsed out and used to store water in.  When the drill happens Mr. Litchford would like people to eat their 72 hour kit meals and drink their water that is stored.  He would like the Council to come up with an evacuation plan.  Mayor Thayne discussed that Pam Litchford is also putting together a kit for information in case of an emergency and he would like to see everyone in town get one.  Mr. Litchford left at 7:53 p.m. 

       Public Comments:  This is an opportunity for the public to address the council.       Please limit your comments to three minutes.  There were no public at this time.  

      Council Member Reports:

  1. Water and Roads (Lynn Stewart):  Every water bill was paid this month. 
  1. Documentation and Zoning (Sherie Goring):  Council member Goring says she is writing a Box Elder County Grant.  This will come on April 7, if the Town receives it.  Arbor Day Celebration is planned for April 29.  It was agreed that the Town can pay $100.00 for refreshments for the Arbor Day Celebration.  She also said that there will be a burial on March 19.  

    Parks and Public Safety (Eric Page):  Council member Page checked on antennas and software with Jared Rice for reading meters.  The antennas come wireless or wired.  Mr. Rice would help install them.  The wireless antennas cost $75 a piece there are still some in stock but are not used as much, and the wired antennas would cost $150 each.  Mr. Rice would be able to come and show how to use the software and to set it up.  It was discussed to have Janae keep the same software she is already using and get the wireless antennas to help her read the water meters easier.  Council member Page will call and get the antennas ordered.  Council member Stewart would like to buy some extra wireless antennas to have on hand if needed.  

Council member Stewart found a pump to pump the water from the water meters that hooks up the battery so that Janae does not have to pump out the meter pits by hand. The cost for this pump is about $100.00 so he will purchase this.   

  1. Buildings and Cemetery Management (Todd Bingham):  Council member Bingham purchased a kit for the new furnace so that it can be changed over to propane incase of an emergency.  He and Steve Marble tried it and it worked.   

Mayor Thayne:  The road will need to be addressed going up to the cemetery now that the weather is better, so something will need to be done.

Adjourn:   MOTION:  Council member Bingham made a motion to adjourn Town Council Meeting.  Council member Page seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                                Council member Goring 

Approved:  ___April 14, 2011___________ 


Town Clerk:  ________________________