Attendance:    Mayor Robert Thayne                         Council member Monte Garlick

                        Council member Todd Bingham         Council member Joe Kliger

                        Council member Lynn Stewart           Kathy Gudmundson – Town Clerk


Visitors:  Richard Williams, Tracie Williams, Ashley Williams and Paul Fulghan from the Rural Water  Association             

Opening Ceremony:  Mayor Robert Thayne gave the opening prayer and a thought with Kathy Gudmundson leading the Pledge of Allegiance. 

1.       Presentation of Rural Water Scholarship to Ashley Williams.  There are only two of these given in the state of Utah and she won one of them. 

2.      Approval of February 2012 Council Meeting Minutes 


MOTION:  Council member Bingham made a motion to approve the minutes for February 2012.  Council member Stewart seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously

Aye Votes:   Mayor Robert Thayne            
Council member Kliger                                         
Council member Bingham     
Council member Garlick                                        
Council member Stewart

3.      2011 Fiscal Year Compiled Financial Statements:  Matt Regen explained the various items in the statements and how our lowered bond payments affected positively our cash flow and interest.  He explained that the financial statement for the water department showed a loss because of depreciation.

The new truck expenses should be split 2/3 water, 1/3 general for both assets and maintenance. 

4.      Approval of Monthly Bills and Budget Discussion:  There was a discussion about the Frontier bill and why it is so high.  I will research and present at next meeting. 


MOTION:  Council member Stewart made a motion to pay bills for February.  Council member Garlick seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  

                        Aye Votes:  Mayor Robert Thayne                 Council member Kliger

                                            Council member Bingham          Council member Garlick

                                            Council member Stewart 

5.      Planning and Zoning Review:  Nothing to report.  February meeting was cancelled.  Mayor Thayne discussed needing to do some training with the Commission members.


      New Business:

6.       Matt Zollinger “Fight the New Drug” Presentation—Matt couldn’t make it to the meeting so Mayor Thayne and Deputy Archuleta presented the Proclamation for ending pornography.  It is an education process.  There is a program called Canine Browser that blocks out adult content and it’s free.

7.      Town Insurance Discussion—Josh Mckell from ULGT has compiled our insurance amounts and compared them to current estimates and would like a chance to present his findings.  It was agreed to have him come to our next meeting. 

8.      Easter Egg Hunt and Memorial Day Discussion—Council Member Garlick has put information on our website.  He has a National Guard speaker.  Mayor Thayne said he also had someone who could speak.  We want to get the scouts to do a flag rising and we need to have taps played. Council member Garlick will arrange for these events.

9.      Business Licenses Discussion—This ordinance was approved but never put into effect.  Do we need to send letters to all business owners?  It was agreed to study this matter for the next meeting. 

10.  Zumba classes at the Town Hall Discussion—Council member Joe Kliger will negotiate with Donna, the teacher, to set the terms and the price. 

11.  Rural Water Conference Report—The consumer confidence report is completed and it was a success. 

12.  Free Cemetery Plots—A gentlemen wants a free cemetery plot for service work he did when he was 16 years old.  The council voted against giving him the plot. 

Unfinished Business

13.  Agreement with Water Conservancy District:  Our attorney reviewed everything and approved the agreement.  Council member Stewart questioned other cities water being pumped through our lines if other lines are down.  We would need to monitor the quality as well as the quantity.  How would they define an emergency?    Mayor Thayne will work on the agreement to answer these concerns. 

14.  Fire District Information:  The Pumpkin walk is under Charlotte Meservy.  The District is working on an interlocal agreement. 

15.   Emergency Management:  They have radio drills on Sunday night at 8:00 pm.  You need to go to ch 20 and later to ch 9...  April 17th is Shake Out statewide.  Council member Garlick is organizing Deweyville’s response.  Deputy Gonzalez discussed police protocol for preparedness.           

       Public Comments:  This is an opportunity for the public to address the council.

Please limit your comments to three minutes.    Deputy Gonzalez presented the incident report for the month.   She gave the council her personal phone number if we have any problems.  All citizens should report any problems they see to the sheriff’s department. 

Council Member Reports:

16.  Water and Roads (Lynn Stewart):  The fire hydrant should be fixed on Monday.  Council member Stewart has shutoffs scheduled for Stanley Gardner and the Burbanks’ old house. 

17.  Documentation, Public Safety and Info. (Monte Garlick):  Council member Garlick is working on updating the website.  He wants to take pictures of the council members for the site.  Ashley Williams scholarship should be on the site as well as the Republican and Democratic caucuses.  Also the Easter Egg Hunt should be on the website.  Mayor Thayne will put this information on the sign out front. 

18.  Park, Ordinances, P&Z, (Joe Kliger):  Nothing to report 

19.  Buildings and Cemetery Maintenance (Todd Bingham):  The town needs to bill Stan Gardner for his father’s grave opening and closing.  Council member Bingham wants to raise the rates on plots as $300 resident and $800 non-resident, open and close the grave should be $400 resident and $800 non-resident.  Mayor Thayne stated that we cannot charge more than we spend on expenses.  It was agreed that if the costs over time were factored in, the price would be too high for anyone to afford.  Mayor Thayne stated that we need to change our cemetery ordinance to reflect town boundaries and not by zip code.  We need to have a public hearing to do this and we will need a new resolution.  Mayor Thayne will draft the new resolution for our next meeting. 

MOTION:  Council member Bingham made a motion to adjourn the Town Council meeting.  Council member Garlick seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m.

                  Aye Votes:  Mayor Robert Thayne                 Council member Kliger

                                      Council member Bingham          Council member Garlick

                                            Council member Stewart