THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010




Attendance:    Robert Thayne, Mayor            Lynn Stewart, CM

                        Eric Page, CM                         Todd Bingham, CM

                        Sherie Goring, CM                  Tracie Williams, Town Clerk


Visitors:  Steve Krebs- Questar Gas, Troop 423- Gunner Sorenson, Keigh Lewis,      Christian Olson, Jared Lewis,  Mark Hershi – Leader.  Visitors left at 7:40 p.m.


The Council Met At 6:00 pm to Tour the New Water System Improvements after Which the Regular Meeting Has Convened At 7:00 pm


  1. Opening Ceremony:  Mayor Thayne brought meeting to order.  Council member Goring gave opening prayer and Jared Lewis led the Pledge of Allegiance.   Mayor Thayne introduced Steve Krebs from Questar Gas.  Mr. Krebs wanted to come to the meeting to introduce himself and put faces with names and to check in to make sure things are OK here in Deweyville.


  1. Approval of April Council Meeting Minutes:  The council had the opportunity to previously read the meeting minutes by e-mail earlier in the month and then briefly looked over a copy of minutes now. 


MOTION:  Council member Stewart made a motion to accept the minutes for April 8, Town Council meeting.   Council member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously. 

            Aye Votes:      Mayor Robert Thayne             Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring


  1. Approval of Monthly Bills:  The Council looked over the printout of the monthly bills.  Council member Stewart commented on the Hansen and Associates bill for the amount of $2,925.12, and says not to have Hansen’s do any business unless it is requested or approved at Town Council from here on out.  He will call Chris White from Hansen’s to let him know.  He will ask Chris White about the lids that were listed on the bill.  It was decided not to pay this bill until Council member Stewart received further information from them.  The state has to sign off the new chlorinator for the south tank so Hansen’s will have to be involved to do this.  Council member Bingham asked about the four new meters that were ordered and it was explained to him that there were a few residences that did not have the water pressure due to the water meter openings being smaller, so bigger meters were ordered. 


MOTION:  Council member Goring made a motion to pay bills for May, except for the Hansen and Associates bill, until more information is received.  Council member Bingham seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:      Mayor Robert Thayne             Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring


  1. Planning and Zoning Review:  The Council looked at the last two planning meeting minutes.  Mayor Thayne explained that he talked with Les Wheatley, one of the new members of the Planning Commission, and he will be going to reserve status due to his work schedule.  Mayor Thayne will contact Dale Marble to possibly be one of the Planning Commission and he will also ask Joe Kliger.



Mayor Thayne discussed the budget from the information he has received from the Town’s records and Golden Spike’s (accountant) records.  Mayor Thayne read the information from the work sheet to the Council and then stated that the final budget will be adopted in June.  This tentative budget will be adopted now and then a date needs to be set for next month for a public hearing.  Mayor Thayne explained the estimated budget; The Cemetery makes money by selling plots.  It was discussed to possibly have a cemetery district to help pay for the cemetery budget.  B&C road funds can come out of PTIF.  For general upkeep there is enough money in the revenue without having to go into the savings.  The budget will be amended now and when the budget gets adopted the budget will balance.  The enterprise fund can only be spent on that system (The water). 


The Council decided to come back for another work session.  The tentative budget needs to be adopted and set the time for a public hearing for the budget. 


MOTION:  Council member Page made a motion to adopt the tentative budget for the year 2011 and have the public hearing to be held on June 10, at 7:00 p.m.  Council member Stewart seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  

Aye Votes:      Mayor Robert Thayne             Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring


Mayor Thayne discussed that when they were working on the water project budget he had no idea about the future with the economic slump.  He figures there is enough in the water account to last a couple of years to get the town by.  Council member Page suggests going ahead with the remaining money and finishing the project with fencing.  The work session, to discuss the budget more, will be Wednesday, May 19, at 7:00 p.m. 


     New Business:


  1. Cemetery Plot Donation:  Council member Goring would like to donate plots for three or four graves for still births or new born deaths for those who cannot afford to bury their babies. 

It was discussed for cremation that the Town allows one headstone per lot, and to allow the flat small head stones to have just names on it, and the headstones to measure 10” by 20”.  The Cemetery Ordinance needs to be amended for the headstones.  There could be two to three babies per plot and the family would be responsible for the flat headstones.  The age was discussed to be under six months of age for families to be able to use the donated plots.  Sherie will do more research on this.


MOTION:  Council member Goring made a motion to allow a 10” by 20” inch marker on cremations plots.  Council member Stewart seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously. 

Aye Votes:      Mayor Robert Thayne             Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring


Side note:  About dead grass - Bill Kerivan (Cemetery Caretaker) knows about the dead grass and has a spray for the bugs and then will re-seed or sod it.  See if Jim Bunderson will be able to spray it.  Mayor suggests posting a sign apologizing about the grass and that the Town is working on repairing it.  Council member Bingham will look into seeing about getting someone to take care of the dead grass problem.  Council member Goring will make a sign for the dead grass and sign about rules and regulations for the cemetery.  


  1. Additional Culinary Water Faucet at Walking Trail:  This will be discussed at the budget hearing.


  1. Business License Discussion:  The council has a copy of the Ordinance.  It was discussed to charge $25.00 per calendar year and after August they pay half price.  It was discussed for businesses that have not paid within the due date that they get a 50% increase.  Ag businesses do not apply.  If there are two businesses they only pay one fee.  Farmers should be exempt.  Council member Goring will look into the Ag business licensing.  The council needs to study it over and discuss this at the next meeting.


  1. Delinquent Water Bills:  Council member Stewart discussed that there are several water bills from residences that have left town and have not paid their water bills.  He said that they have sent bills to them for a year and receive no word.  He would like to disregard the bills, with permission, after a year.  Mayor Thayne would like to check if they can go to collections and get some money back.  Council member Page says that he will check with his wife Annette about this information to see what she does or who to contact about this.  The water ordinance will need to be amended to state that the water will not be turned on until rental owner pays the balance and before the property is rented back out.  It was suggested to be stricter on the 60 day rule and to use another route to charge the property owner.  Council member Stewart will check to see if legally the water can be turned off.  The Town Council appreciates Council member Stewart for his work because turning off people’s water is a hard thing to do.  If they would communicate with the town, the Town would like to work with them. 


  1. Source Protection Ordinance Discussion:  Council member Stewart says there is a source protection plan map and it has different sources all around, and the county will not allow certain things around the water sources.  Mayor Thayne will check to see if there needs to be a resolution or an ordinance.  The council has a copy of the Resolution that the Town can adopt for the Box Elder County Source Protection Plan. Council member Stewart and Tracie Williams will write this resolution, and pass this next month.  Council member Stewart would like to put in the news letter information about the Consumer Confidence Report, which is at town hall for viewing.  The Town’s water has passed all the tests and it meets all the requirements for safe water.  This information needs to be mailed back to the state within two week.


  1. Road To North Tanks and Wells:  Mayor Thayne sent an e-mail to the council about the response from the state about this road (3000 W.).  The state says that the Town can do the work themselves with the states approval.  The mayor will check with Glenn Ames to get their approval.  The question was asked about the town being liable for the road.  The tree needs to be trimmed and Council member Stewart was given permission to hire a tree trimmer to get the job done.  He ordered three signs that say 15 miles per hr., Slow Watch for children, and Dead End.  The cost will be $100 – $120 for the three signs plus the posts to put signs on.  Mayor Thayne will forward the e-mail to the home owners on that street.  Stop signs need to go there and at the cemetery.  The question was asked if there is a distance requirement for the placement for the signs.  Mayor Thayne said that he would check with the state about the distance requirements for the placement of the signs and check about the stop signs also.  It was discussed to possibly look into the county to contract snow removal.  Bill Gilson is the one from the county to contact for the snow removal information.


      Unfinished Business:


  1. Fire District:  Mayor Thayne went to a Fire meeting last Monday.  He said that Elwood is pulling out.  Deweyville will stay in.
  2. Water Project Update:  This was already discussed.
  3. Emergency Management Update:  Steve Marble (Preparedness Manager) is having the Relief Society make bandages. And the town will get bags or packaging to store them here at the Town Hall.  The Council is fine with the town helping to pay for this.  Council member Page suggested putting the supplies somewhere other than the place where the tables are stored, due to the fact the building is being rented out and people come and go in and out of that closet.  Is there another place to store these items, or extend the storage room?  Mayor suggested trying for grants to get these extra items or sheds needed to store things.
  4. Website Discussion:  It was decided to go ahead with the Website.  There needs to be pictures taken and given to them by June.  Council member Goring will see if Charlette Meservy will take the pictures for the website.
  5. Town Hall Landscape:  This will be discussed at the next Town Council meeting.


       Public Comments:  There were no public to comment at this time.


      Council Member Reports:

  1. Water and Roads (Lynn Stewart):  It was already discussed and covered.
  2. Documentation and Zoning (Sherie Goring):  This was already discussed and covered.
  3. Parks and Public Safety (Eric Page):  He has a plan for the landscaping and this is one of his three projects for the year.  He will talk about this at the work session meeting.
  4. Buildings and Cemetery Maintenance (Todd Bingham):  Council member Bingham went to his second mosquito abatement meeting last week.  He stated that it is now required by the state law, that people on the board, need to be elected officials.  Town is good where it is for this.


Adjourn:  MOTION:  Council member Stewart made a motion to adjourn Town Council Meeting.  Council member Bingham seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 9:17 p.m.

Aye Votes:      Mayor Robert Thayne             Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                                Council member Goring




Approved:  __JUNE 10, 2010__________________






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