Attendance:    Nathan Spackman, Chair                    Sherie Goring, Town Council Rep.

                        Dale Meservy                                      Tracie Williams, Town Clerk

                        Dale Marble


Absent:  Joe Kliger, Shauna Wright


Visitors:  Quinn and Susan Parkinson, Ilene Lish left at 8:09 p.m., Wayne Wright left at

       8:20 p.m., Zane Jeppesen.  Richard Williams Came in at 7:40


1.            Welcome:  Nathan Spackman brought meeting to order with Dale Marble giving the opening prayer and Dale Meservy leading the Pledge of Allegiance.


2.            Approval of Planning Commission Minutes for April 7, 2011, and April 21, 2011 Work Meeting: 


MOTION:  Dale Marble made a motion to approve the minutes for April 7, 2011 and April 21, 2011.  Dale Meservy seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:      Nathan Spackman

                              Dale Meservy

                              Dale Marble


3.            Tiffany and Pablo Catalan:  Mylar Plat Map approval and set back approval for new residence. (Perk Test did not pass so they were not in attendance.)  They will need to have the Health Department come back and do another perk test in a couple of months when things get dryer.  If this fails again they will need to have dirt hauled in and wait for three years. 


Mrs. Catalan would like to know if she can start putting a driveway in since she has UDOT approval.  The Planning commission said that they could put in the Driveway while they wait until they can build.


4.            Brad and Lisa Burbank:  Just for information purposes in case they came.


5.            Wayne & Shauna Wright:  Conditional Use Permit:  The Planning Commission discussed the conditional use permit.  A letter was read from Allen and Ilene Lish opposing the Conditional Use Permit.  Nathan Spackman asked Mrs. Lish if it was stated on the plat that there is access for three residences, she said there is three ingresses and regresses.  One access for Wrights, Robinsons, and themselves.  It does not limit how much traffic for each family.  Mrs. Lish said that she has nothing against the Wrights, because they are great neighbors, they just don’t want the traffic on their road and that is why they built back there.  Mr. Wright said that he did not see anything in the easement documents about there being a restriction for just residential uses.


Mr. Wright explained that with him and Shauna working, the sales would be by appointment only.  It was explained to Mrs. Lish that this cannot be a commercial business and get bigger; this is just a home business.  Mr. Wright said that if he was going to expand this business it will be moving to another location.  Mrs. Lish said that she had an attorney look at the access and this is what he said about the ingress and egress.  Mr. Wright explained that he is not going to have more traffic than what he has with his family coming and visiting.  Nathan Spackman explained that this Conditional Use is regulated and that if it does affect the neighbors than it cannot be a business.  Nathan Spackman again explained that this cannot be a commercial business.


Chapter 1, page 17, explains the recommendation.  – Dale Meservy said that it is OK to have concerns and he suggested going ahead and making a recommendation and stating that if they follow the guide lines there should not be a problem. 


MOTION:  Dale Meservy made a motion for a recommendation to pass Wayne and Shauna Wright’s Conditional Use Permit #CU2011 -1 to the Town Council.  Dale Marble seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:      Nathan Spackman

                              Dale Meservy

                              Dale Marble


Mr. Wright would like to come to Town Council meeting for his Conditional Use Permit on Thursday May 12, at 7:00 p.m.


6.            Richard Pett/Quin Parkinson:  Preliminary Discussion of a possible residence on east bench:  Quinn Parkinson showed map of where they would like to build up at the top.  It will be five to ten years down the road before they will be building.  Richard Williams discussed the source protection plan, not allowed to have buildings next to the Town’s water source.  


They would like to dig a well right away.  They were told to contact the Bear River Health Dept. first.  They will take care of the road; they will probably need to contact state for their well.  Council member Goring explained for the minutes that the leader ship, for the Town, may change before they begin to build and that the zoning ordinance may also change, so this is just a discussion and not anything is being approved tonight.  They said that they wanted the Town to know what they desire and would like to be notified incase of any changes. 



7.            Zane Jeppesen:  Preliminary Discussion of the possibility of building a residence on a two acre lot zoned AG 40, and the possibility of a re-zone for smaller lots on his 39 acres in AG 40, located on the east bench:  Mr. Jeppesen showed a map.  He showed a two acre lot, by cemetery, and the pump house behind his lot. Richard Williams said that this is on our main water source.  Nathan Spackman said that he will need to clarify the two acre lot to see if it is in the RR 35, to be able to divide into two separate lots. There is no description for that road but the map states that it is in the RR35 zone.


On his 39 acres he would put in a nice road.  It was discussed that the Source Protection Plan went in to effect as of February 2011.  Mr. and Mrs. Berger’s septic would be preexisting if it is in the Source Protection area.  It was discussed that Mr. Jeppesen could work to have a holding tank to have a closed septic.  Nathan Spackman said that they need to have an over lay for the Water Source Protection. There is a possibility that Mr. Jeppesen could have a common collection tank for a sanitary sewer line.  Mr. Jeppesen would have to go to the Health Dept. to approve this.


In order for Mr. Jeppesen to have one acre lots in the Ag 40 zone he would have to ask for a zone change.  Nathan Spackman says they need to get a map of where the source protection is, and Mr. Jeppesen needs to come back with an accurate map for his plans on what he would like to do.  Richard Williams will get information for the Source Protection Plan in a couple of weeks.  Mr. Jeppesen needs to be notified about the permitted uses in that zone.


8.            Public Comments:  Please keep comments to three minutes:  No Public at this time to comment.


9.            Discussion of Plat maps for Future road accesses for the Deweyville General Plan:  This was not discussed at this time.


10.        Adjourn:  Adjourned at 8:35



Approved:  ____________________________



Town Clerk: ___________________________