Planning and Zoning Commission Work Meeting


Thursday, October 18, 2012

7:30 p.m. Deweyville Town Hall



Attendance:        Marlene Berger, Chair       Dale Meservy

                             Maxine Goring    Kathy Gudmundson, Town Recorder                 

Absent:      Shauna Wright, Dale Marble


Visitors:   Bill Kerivan, Council Member Nathan Spackman


1.      Welcome: Chairwoman Marlene Berger:  Mr. Dale Meservy gave the prayer, Chairwoman Berger led the pledge.


2.  Approval of Planning Commission Meeting Minutes: -- Maxine Goring made a motion to adopt the June 7th, 2012 minutes , Dale Meservy seconded the motion.


Ayes: Marlene Berger    Dale Meservy

                                      Maxine Goring


3.    Election of Chairman and Chairman Pro Tem—Maxine Goring made a motion to have Marlene Berger be appointed as chairwoman, Dale Meservy seconded the motion.  

Ayes: Marlene Berger    Dale Meservy

                             Maxine Goring

Chairwoman Berger nominated Dale Meservy as Chairman Pro Tem.  Maxine Goring seconded the motion.

Ayes: Marlene Berger    Dale Meservy

                                      Maxine Goring


4.     Kerivan Building permit—the plan is an 18x24 build on to the house with ample setbacks.  They are building a great room with a kitchen.  Mr. Kerivan a showed  a map of his lot.  Mr. Kerivan asked if at a later time would he need approval for an 18.x20 barn.  He was told he would need approval and  it has to be 15’ from the  home.  Dale Meservy motioned to approve the home addition.  Chairwoman Berger seconded the motion.  He was given a building permit to fill out and take to Tremonton for Steve Bench to approve... 

  Ayes: Marlene Berger            Dale Meservy

                                         Maxine Goring


5.  Public Comments: 

6.     There will be a training session on Tuesday the 24th at 7:00pm.

7.     Dale Marble and Shauna Wright have not attended for a long time. The Mayor is looking for replacements.


Adjourn:  The motion to adjourn was made by Chairwoman Berger, Dale Meservy seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.