Attendance:    Mayor Robert Thayne                         Todd Bingham, CM

                        Eric Page, CM                                     Lynn Stewart, CM

                        Sherie Goring, CM                              Tracie Williams, Town Clerk


  1. Opening Ceremony:  Mayor Thayne brought meeting to order with Council member Bingham giving the opening prayer and Council member Page leading the Pledge of Allegiance.


  1. Approval of August Council Meeting Minutes and August 18th Special Meeting Minutes: 


MOTION:  Council member Stewart made a motion to approve Town Council minutes for August 12 and August 18 meetings.  Council member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Bingham

                        Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                        Council member Goring


  1. Approval of Monthly Bills:  The bills were explained and a copy of the monthly bills were provided for the council to look at.  Council member Stewart explained Clayton Grover’s bill; there was a leak in the main line at the south end of town because a plug was not put on and it finally puddle up so this needed to be fixed.


MOTION:  Council member Bingham made a motion to pay bills for August.  Council member Page seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.

Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Bingham

                                    Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                    Council member Goring


  1. Planning and Zoning Review:  Mayor Thayne asked when the new zoning ordinance might be ready for public hearings.  Council member Goring will contact Gil Miller (City Planner) to see and ask if the Council might be able to view the ordinance in sections. 


      New Business:


  1. The Naming of the Walking Trail After Merrill Prisbrey:  Merrill Prisbrey recently passed away and his grandson called and was wondering if the Town would name the walking trail after Merrill Prisbrey since he loved the trail so much.  It was discussed to maybe have a memorial bench or a group of trees named after him.  Mayor Thayne will write a letter to Mr. Prisbrey’s grandson about this information.  It was also discussed having a plaque made with names and pictures on it, who contributed to the trail, and possibly name it “Friends of the Trail”.


  1. Water Billing Software and Hand Held Unit:  Council member Stewart has some information about this.  Council member Page explained that the hand held has communication problems with the computer and it gives Janae Bunderson (Water Bill administrator) difficulties when she reads the water meters.  Council member Stewart has a phone meeting on Friday at 1:30 p.m. here at the Town Hall to make a plan and get a bid for a new water program software.  This program is backed up by the company also.  It was suggested to see what the information is and get a bid before a decision is made.


  1. Water Ordinance Discussion of Revisions (This item was tabled by the council approval last month):

·         Section 6, Item 2 – Council member Stewart hangs a notice on the door that the water would be turned off within 24 hours.  This is considered written notice.

·         Section 12, Paragraph C. – Take out first sentence.

·         Section 13 – Change the last word at the end of the sentence from Town   Recorder to Mayor.

·         Section 37 – This section talks about wells, see what other towns do. 


The Town Council needs to look at this Water Ordinance closer and discuss this next time.


It was discussed that the impact fee for just agricultural use should cost less.  It was stated that this is still putting an impact on the water system. Mayor Thayne will contact the attorney about this.


  1. Soccer Association Agreement Discussion and Proposed Approval (This item was tabled by the council last month):  This was not discussed since the Soccer season is over.


  1. Town Trailer Ordinance Discussion: 

·         Section 1, #4 Non-Conforming Use – It was suggested to change it to Legal Non-Conforming Use.

·         Section 2, #1&3 talk about a permanent foundation.

·         Section 5 – State that there be no trailers in RR5.

·         Put in section stating that the Health Dept. needs to get involved.


If it is a public health issue then the Health department needs to be involved.  It was discussed to send a letter to the trailer people about coming to the Town to get a Conditional Use Permit.  Council member Goring will write letter.  This Ordinance discussion needs to be tabled until next time.


Questions asked; who can enforce it?  Honeyville can, Steve Bench (City inspector) from Tremonton can.  The Town needs to investigate in getting enforcement.  Mayor Thayne will follow up on this.


      Unfinished Business:


  1. Fire District And Water Project Update:  Mayor Thayne discussed that the Fire district has insurance and that the County has placed boundaries.  There will be a Fire district meeting on Monday at 6:30 in Bear River City. 


Water system fence:  Council member Stewart said the grading has been done for the fencing around the north water tanks.  Fencing supplies will be there Monday or Tuesday.  Mayor Thayne discussed a letter about the water line going across the cemetery.  Russell Hadley from the Board of Water Resources says that the State is fine with Town completing these projects.


The Council discussed leasing water to Collinston from the Bear River Conservancy district.  The Town would be leasing and not selling the water.  The capacity of water that Deweyville has is 800 acre feet per year.  The Mayor will check this information. The Conservancy district wants 150 acre feet. The Town Council is in favor of leasing water.


It was discussed that the cost for a water connection will be $1,000 for new construction plus the impact fee.  Council member Stewart will get a more accurate amount to hook up the meters to put on the building project information papers.  It was discussed to charge a set amount for the connection fee and reimburse the home own if the amount is less than what they paid.


  1. Emergency Management:  Steve Marble (Emergency Preparedness Manager) bought about 100 more blankets to have on hand.


  1. Website Content Discussion:  More things need to be put on it.


  1. Road to North Tanks and Wells:  Mayor Thayne talked to attorney and he says that the town should not block the road half way up, it is a bad idea, and should be put it down below.  Mayor Thayne has information for barriers and Council member Stewart has names and numbers.  Rotation Molding can sell these barriers.  It was suggested to make the barriers heavy enough so they won’t walk off and can be moved with a tractor.


       Public Comments:  This is an opportunity for the public to address the council.

Please limit your comments to three minutes. Tracie Williams commented and        showed thank you notes from a Cub Scout group who came in July, who came to use the walking trail and use the town flag for a flag ceremony.


      Council Member Reports:

  1. Water and Roads (Lynn Stewart): Council member Stewart took pictures of a power pole that is leaning and is in bad shape at the north pump house that Rocky Mt. Power has not replaced yet.  Council member Stewart asked the Mayor if he would write a letter stating that if something was to happen, the town is not responsible. 


  1. Documentation and Zoning (Sherie Goring):  The Pumpkin Walk will be held Saturday, October 23.  C&R auto will donate golf carts to drive the elderly around the walking trail to see the Pumpkin Walk.  The hours are from 11:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. Hamburgers will be sold.  


The Town Walking Program is almost done and the Town can do some kind of an award for those who participated.  Council member Goring finished the tree grant and sent it in today.  She talked to the State and the Town is in line with the cost for opening and closing graves. 


  1. Parks and Public Safety (Eric Page):  Council member Page has nothing to report as of now.


  1. Buildings and Cemetery Maintenance (Todd Bingham):  Council member Bingham has nothing to report as of now. 


      Adjourn:  MOTION:  Council member Bingham made a motion to adjourn Town Council meeting.  Council member Goring seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Aye Votes:      Mayor Thayne                         Council member Bingham

                        Council member Page             Council member Stewart

                                                Council member Goring





Approved:  ____October 14, 2010______



Town Clerk:  ______________________