Town Council Meeting: Second Thursday of each month

Planning Commission Meeting: First Thursday of each month

Phone/Fax: 435-239-7312 E-mail:



BUILDING PERMITS: $50.00 Planning Application Fee (Non-Refundable)

Projects that need building permits: New residences; remodeling projects that involve structural, electrical or plumbing changes, including decks that are attached to a residence; any outbuildings over 120 square fee; agricultural buildings that have electricity or plumbing.


How to Get a Building Permit:

  1. Building permit forms may be picked up at the Town Office.

  2. Planning Commission approval is required to make sure the placement of your structure is in compliance with current Deweyville site standards. Bring nine (9) copies of your site plans to the Deweyville Town Office two weeks before the Planning Commission meeting you want to attend. Your site plans may be hand drawn sketches if there is sufficient detail for the Planning Commission to understand your project.

  3. Deweyville Impact fees are $4717 for water, $618 for roads; Plus $1500 connection Fee: Total $6835

  4. Issuance of building permits and all building inspections are done by Steve Bench at the Tremonton City Office. (435-257-9510)

  5. After meeting Mr. Bench’s requirements, bring the building permit back to Deweyville for the town official’s signature. Fees are paid to Deweyville.

  6. No footings or foundations may be poured until survey stakes are inspected. Call Todd Bingham to schedule inspection. Phone: 257-8557.



Residential fences, decks, corrals, dog runs, animal pens, swimming pools, overhead outdoor lighting, etc.:

  • Please come to the Planning Commission to have these projects approved so setbacks and other regulations can be observed.

  • Fill out a Planning Application. No fee will be charged.



$25 Planning Application Fee (Non-Refundable)

  1. Fill out a Planning Application

  2. Complete a Conditional Use Application, explaining the nature of your business or other project, what signs you will want, how much room you have available for parking, landscaping that will help mitigate the impact of your project, etc.

  3. Get Planning Commission approval. Conditions may be set by the Planning Commission, such as parking, noise or other restrictions.

  4. A public hearing may be required for your home occupation. If so, you pay all costs of public notices and/or mailing notices to neighbors if a hearing is required. If the services of the Town Engineer, Attorney or other experts are required, payment is your responsibility.

  5. Get Town Council approval.